Shades of Grey

OMG, you are going through breast cancer!  Why are you blogging about fashion?

Well, in short, fashion is fun!  And when you're facing some heavy and scary shit on the reg, sometimes you just gotta put that shit in the back of your mind and do fun stuff instead.  So here I am, on a grey NYC day, dressing to match the weather. 

The key to a great monochrome look is different layers and textures.  This adds some interest and also means you don't need to worry about the colors matching perfectly.   Case in point, in this outfit, I'm wearing 3 different shades of grey.

The blazer is from Zara  The sweater vest, Theory.  The hat, Helen Kaminski and the jeans are oldies, but goodies from Joes Jeans.

Life constantly comes in shades of grey, and as it turns out, so does great style.