Mixing High & Low

I love fashion and dressing up.  Clothes have a way of changing the way that we feel, of bringing out certain aspects of our personality, and allowing us to express our creativity.  And I LOVE designer clothes (they're so pretty...who doesn't?), but let's face it they are often not practical or affordable for most of us.  So here is how I have managed to build a wardrobe that allows me to have fun, mix and match, and still not blow the bank.  The key is mixing high and low and spending money on those pieces that you adore and that will never go out of style!

This vintage Chanel Skirt was scouted from my favorite thrift store in California for under $200.  Thrifting is an amazing way to score timeless, vintage pieces at a fraction of the price.  If you're like me, you care less about blowing wads of cash on this season's newest trends, and more about dressing in a way that makes you feel like your best self.  If you take care of your clothes and buy things that will last for years, you'll not only have a closet you love, but you'll also be contributing less to the wastefulness of fast-fashion that is taking a toll on our earth. 

I paired my Chanel Skirt with a crop T from H&M that cost me $15 and a Zara ruby-red jacket that I bought in Athens, Greece for just $30.  Zara is one of the best stores to find affordable clothes that actually last.  I have some Zara jackets that I have had for over 5 years and they are still going strong.

My favorite way to make a look stand out is with accessories!  Here, I have a Hammit LA red hand-bag.  Check this company out!  Their bags are literally amazing, so well organized and versatile with places for your phone, reversible color options and more.  The hat is from Borsalino.  Scarf by Yarnz.  Shoes by Nine West.  Earrings are vintage stolen from my grandmothers jewelry drawer.  Vintage shades.