Jennifer Lee Snowden
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I am a Singer/Songwriter based in New York City and absolutely love traveling, staying healthy and dressing up.  Performing has taken me to some incredible places, from New York to Italy, Cleveland's Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, to France, Australia and Fiji.  Even when I travel for other reasons, I always try to sneak in a performance wherever I find a piano (#HavePianoWillPlay).  I'm currently working on a new album and can't wait to share it with you all.

I spent the past 6 years as a Marketing Executive for some of the coolest hotels and restaurants around the world, so I have a particular affinity for great hospitality and food.  But after going through breast cancer for the 2nd time, I decided to re-focus my life on what I love most; nourishing my body and soul through music, travel, nutrition and love.   Join me on my journey to explore this amazing planet, the incredible creatives living on it, and the music that flows from all of our hearts.  Yay!




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